Cremation & Memorialization

Choosing cremation over traditional burial or entombment is a trend that is becoming more popular in the United States every year. Although the rate of cremation in Kentucky is relatively low compared to other states with only 11.11% of deceased people being cremated in 2004, the number of people in Kentucky who will choose cremation in the future is expected to increase, according the Cremation Association of North America (CANA).

Before a person decides to choose cremation, it is vital they realize that cremation is final, understand the process of cremation and the importance of memorialization after cremation.

When cremation is chosen in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, law requires a licensed funeral director to take charge of the body at the place of death, provide proof of death and complete all legal documentation. After arrangements are made, the deceased can be transported by the funeral director to a cremation facility.

A person considering cremation is encouraged to plan a visitation and funeral service prior to cremation. More people are choosing the Knox Funeral Home Chapel as a favored place in Knox County for a memorial service, followed by interment or scattering of remains at a site where the deceased is to be memorialized.

Through these funeral services and memorialization, friends and family are able to gather together for support to acknowledge and embrace the love each has for the deceased. By memorializing the remains, future generations will have a permanent site to visit, remember and honor the deceased.