Advance Planning

Did you know that there are approximately 200 separate activities that must be conducted and coordinated within 48 hours of a death? With advance planning, most of the difficult decisions can be made before the time of need – sparing loved ones from struggling to make correct choices at a time when their emotions can make it difficult.

Just as people both young and old carry health and life insurance to protect their families, establishing a pre-arranged funeral can protect them from financial and emotional burdens.

While our funeral directors are trained to ease that burden and help families make informed decisions, there’s no question that pre-arranged funerals offer many advantages.

  • Savings
    By planning and funding in advance, you will pay now and lock in today’s rates so your family will not have to pay a higher market cost at the time of need.  In fact, by investing in your funeral now, your family will not have to pay for an unexpected expense.
  • Lessen the emotional burden
    By planning today, your family will not have to make hurried decisions when they are emotionally trying to cope with a loss.  When people are emotionally charged, it is easier for them to make important decisions that they may regret after it is too late.
  • Personal preferences
    By planning your own funeral service, you will be able to plan it as you wish it to be planned.  Not planning your own funeral means that family or friends will have to make decisions based on what they assume you would have wanted.

Because people are living longer and families are often scattered around the country, advance planning is the responsible action that provides helpful guidance, emotional support and required information to those who will survive others in their family. If one does not plan for the inevitable end of their life, then one day a great deal of responsibility will be placed on the shoulders of a spouse or children for final arrangements and settlement of the estate.

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