On February 18, 1990, Walter C. “Tub” Hopper and two of his three sons, Joe and David, founded Knox Funeral Home at 325 Knox Street, Barbourville, Kentucky.

Since it was founded, Knox Funeral Home has provided funeral services to families as the only licensed funeral directors and embalmers who fully own and operate a family funeral home in Barbourville. Because the funeral home is family owned and operated, Knox County families are given personal, quality services at affordable prices.

Since Tub’s death on September 22, 2009, Knox Funeral Home has been owned and operated by his youngest son, Joe Hopper.

Cremation & Memorialization

Choosing cremation over traditional burial or entombment is a trend that is becoming more popular in the United States every year. Although the rate of cremation in Kentucky is relatively low compared to other states with only 11.11% of deceased people being cremated in 2004.

Personalized Services

For almost a century, the traditional funeral services has consisted of families honoring and memorializing the life of a loved one with a visitation at a funeral home, followed by religious-based memorial service at a funeral home chapel or religious sanctuary, then a graveside service.

Advance Planning

Did you know that there are approximately 200 separate activities that must be conducted and coordinated within 48 hours of a death? With advance planning, most of the difficult decisions can be made before the time of need – sparing loved ones from struggling to make correct choices at a time when their emotions can make it difficult.